PRIvacy-aware Secure Monitoring
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Joint MOMENT-PRISM workshop - Future Internet Design: Aspects of network monitoring, privacy and security, 28 Sep. 2009 Brussels

Introduction and Welcome
, Dr. Sathya Rao, Project manager, MOMENT-PRISM Projects, Switzerland

Designing a network measurement ontology for a semantically driven architecture
, Prof. Javier Aracil, UAM, Spain

Unified Interface for accessing monitored data from heterogeneous infrastructure
, Dr. Peter Haga, ELTE, Hungary

Novel features of the MOMENT query language SQUEME
, Dr. Martin Nilsson, SICS; Sweden

Standardizing ontologies for the IP traffic measurement: A first step in QoS standardization at ETSI
, Dr. Angel Ferreiro Olivo,  TID, Spain

Traffic analysis in multi-service IP networks: Measurement and modelling for QoS improvement
, Andreas Aurelius, Acreo AB,  Sweden

Future Monitoring Architecture requirements for the federated Internet infrastructure
, Felix Strohmeier, Salzburg, Austria

Privacy compliant analysis and global early warning with the Internet Analysis System
, Matthias Deml, Univ. of applied Sciences, Germany

Legal implications of network monitoring: privacy threats and requirements
, Gaudino Francesca, Baker, Italy

Fast, Scalable, and privacy-preserving data processing techniques for "on-link" network monitoring: the PRISM Front-End
, Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi, CNIT, Italy

Flexible and safe data transmission with IPFIX in the PRISM System
, Carsten Schmoll, Fraunhofer; Germany

Measurable progress on empirical Internet science: [meta-]data repositories and privacy-sensitive data-sharing frameworks
, K. Claffy, CAIDA, U.S.A; E. Aben, RIPE, Netherlands

WOMBAT: What are the baddies doing in my network?
, Herbert Bos, VU University, Netherlands

Project presentation (interview with Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi for

This video presents the capturing probe developed within the framework of PRISM project.

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