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  • 26-27 September 2012 : ICT Proposers' Day 2012 (Warsaw)
  • 9 October 2012: Trustworthy ICT Infoday (Brussels)
  • 10-11 October 2012 : The Annual Privacy Forum (Limassol)
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ICT Trust and Security

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INFSO changes to CONNECT

As of the 1st July 2012 we will all be working in a new DG called DG CONNECT (Communications Networks, Content and Technology)


Publication of a Call for Tender (11/06/2012)
SMART 2012/0010 "Feasibility study and preparatory activities for the implementation of a European early warning and response system against cyber-attacks and disruptions"
Deadline: 10 August 2012

New issue of Trust & Security Newsletter published. (10/07/2012) Read...


Trust and Security - Who we are and what we do?

The primary mission of the Unit "Trust and Security" (H4) of the European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT) is to support and coordinate research for the development of trustworthy ICTs that respect citizens' rights and protect their privacy and personal data. The ambition is to coherently address security, trust and privacy from a technological, economic, legal and social perspective, in an effort to ensure innovation and economic growth in a society providing freedom and security for its citizens.

Research priorities are strongly related to the development of the Future Internet and target: trustworthy network and service infrastructures, user-centric identity and privacy management and technologies for secure software development, trusted computing, cryptology and advanced biometrics. Support to interoperability and standardisation is given when appropriate, to strengthen the societal impact of the technology results.

Particular attention is paid to the horizontal aspects of trust and security in ICT, by emphasising multidisciplinary research and the relevance of aspects like usability, societal acceptance and economic and legal viability of the research results.

To achieve our objectives we work in three directions:

For more information about our activities and projects, please refer to our Brochure on ICT Trust & Security Research in FP7 and to our pages for Projects .

We work to increase the impact of trust and security research projects and their results through focused clustering activities, creating synergies between projects and increasing collaboration. Under Unit F5 such clustering activities are coordinated via Effectsplus . For more information see also .

General information on how to prepare, submit and manage a project proposal is available at .

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